We are a bunch of creative minds with a boundless passion for creating a new concept of bakery and pastry goods.

Unique, high-quality, 100% plant-based.

A&J Bakery is a bakery founded with a tiny, family store with fresh bread and other confectionery.

Due to the large interest of our clients and many business partnerships, our bakery is growing at a rapid pace. After 5 months, we decided to increase and move production to meet the requirements of our clients. Our store has turned into a coffee place where you can enjoy our cakes or croissants with delicious coffee or try lunch options such as  sandwiches or pizza.

Although we have moved and increased production, our products are still handmade. In addition, the components of our products have not changed. Our main goal is to preserve natural ingredients, without artificial additives or enhancers.

Our policy has always been the production of unique, high-quality products. Our goal was to expand and refine our offer of vegan products. For months of hard work dedicated to creating and improving our skills in the high-quality production of plant-based offer. Now, we know that we are ready!
From April all our bakery and confectionery products are 100% plant-based!



A&J spot

A&J Bakery is located at Amsterdamsestraatweg 116 in Utrecht.
That's a bakery and coffee spot in one. You can take away our breads and pastries or enojoy with delicious coffee on the spot. In our offer there is also a breakfast or lunch menu, from which you can choose seasonal freshly prepared sandwiches and others. Our Team is always happy to answer your questions about the company and products.

Food production

A&J Bakery produce hand-made products exclusively from plant-based ingredients.
Our bakery products do not contain any artificial ingredients, improvers or conditioners.
With the utmost care, we select the ingredients from which our products are made.
We offer a variety of sourdough breads and other bakery products such as: burger buns, brioche, baguettes, bagels, etc.

Our hallmark are vegan croissants that have won hearts in many countries. We produce croissants in many variants, such as: plain, wholegrains, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, pain au chocolat, whole grains and others according to the customer's requirements.

We have a wide range of confectionery products, which are a great, unique element for many cafes or restaurants with whom we cooperate.

We create products on special customer's request, selecting individual ingredients, form and decoration.


With the growth of our company, incredible italian pastry chefs with many years of experience in London joined us. It is thanks to them that our company has taken wings and now we are ready for everything! 
We are still looking for talented people with baking and confectionery skills as well as interesting personalities to work in our stores.

Join us!

Order / Catering / Consulting

A&J Bakery deals in the implementation of personal orders in the field of various types of bread and confectionery such as: cakes, tarts, muffins, croissants, etc.

We accept individual orders for our products and catering cooperation.

A&J Bakery offers preparation of catering for private and company meetings. All orders are discussed in detail with the client and implemented in order to meet his requirements.

A&J Bakery also offers assistance in consulting for companies in the field of creating a recipe of "special company's products" or proposals for the composition of dishes on customer's exclusivity.